Lamancha Dairy Goats & soaps


We reserve the right to retain any kid born, that will be an asset to our breeding program.  Please make a 1st & 2nd Choice..

Pricing:    All doe  kids from first fresheners will be $350. The prices listed are for pre-ordered kids only that are picked up or shipped by one month of age.  We do not guarantee prices on kids ordered after birth, unless pre-ordered.  Boarding fees may be applied on kids not picked up or shipped by one month of birth. Discounts available for 4H/FFA and on multi purchases.

Bucks are only available from proven does in our herd, or by request, after birth we will make that decision on buckling,  after the first freshening does have been Lineral Appraised.   A buck is your foundation, and we want to make sure our bucks are the quality and genetics,  to be worthy of building a herd, and highly represent the LaMancha bred above standards. 

Deposits:   To reserve a kid, a $100  deposit per kid is required, along with your 1st and 2nd choice. 

Refunds:  If your choice is not born, the deposit can be carried over to another available kid or held over for the next breeding season.  No refunds on canceled "changed my mind" orders.  


 for deposits:  make checks payable to Christina, mail to 202 Private Rd 1117, Stephenville, Tx  76401 .  If you prefer to pay by credit or debit card, please contact me with your information.  Fee will be paid by purchaser.  The balance of your kid order, must be paid in full within 10 days of notification of birth.  If the balance is not paid in that time period, and other arrangements have not been made, the kid may be offered to another buyer and the deposit will be forfeited.  Balance must be paid in full before shipping. If paying by person check shipping will be held until the check clears the bank.

Guarantee:  We are very cautious with our kids,  they are kept in a clean, & dry environment, to maintain excellent health.  We use preventative program,  and our herd is CAE  tested each year.  We are extra cautious when we got to shows preventing any contamination from show pens or other animals.  We place no guarantee on your purchase, including milking, udders or show.  Genetics are not predictable.  Please use caution, and herd management with your goats.  There are a lot of great goat books out there, and lots of useful information on webpages. 

We do CDT on kids at 2 weeks (at dehorning) and again before they leave our place.  They will have one dose of deworm medicine.  (our grown does are given cdt, Lysigine, Deworm and copper dose before they give birth) They will be bottle fed, twice a day, and given free choice hay, 14% goat grower textured feed, minerals  & water if the temperatures are warm.

 We treat our goats very special, they are part of our family!  We want you to be proud of your purchase from our herd also.

Delivery:  We prefer for you to pick up kids at our place.  We are willing to deliver kids to show that we attend.  We will require you to purchase a health certificate,  if traveling out of state or to a major show.  We want you to have the best success possible with your purchase.

Shipping:  available upon special request only!. All shipping cost are the responsibility of the buyer. Those cost include the airfare, a health certificate, crate and the delivery to the airport.  We charge $75 fee to deliver kids to DFW OR DAL airport. 

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