Goat's milk has AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy acid) components that naturally exfoliate skin. Goat milk helps nourish the newly grown skin and encourages the production of elastin.  Your New skin emerges smooth, healthy and younger looking.  The benefits of goat milk for the skin has been known since ancient times. We can't all bath in goat milk like Cleopatra, but we can give our skin a special treat using our goat milk Soaps.  (coming soon, lotions, creams and butters.)

We use Paraben free Preservatives.  Fresh from our farm, including the honey and some of the herbs used. 

 We hope you love and enjoy our products as much as we do.   


Honey & almond goat milk soap.

Horehound & Honey soap

Gift Boxes available

​Texas Sage.

Goat Milk Soap's -  

Peppermint fun

sold out! available soon


​"detox blend, to relax and enjoy"


​MT.  River Ranch

​G O A T

Mt​. River Ranch



Lamancha Dairy Goats & soaps

Texas Sage soap available a few times a year , limited batches available grown here on farm.

Peppermint & oatmeal

Gift box, you pick the soaps

Horehound & honey soap available once a year.  limited batches made from our farm. 

fresh Jasmine available May thru June.


made with orange pulp and oil. 

​Natural unscented

            Bees Wax, Honey & oatmeal

made with honey & comb from our farm bees

Need a special soap?

* We do special orders, for parties, bridal, wedding, or baby showers.

contact Christina for special pricing

(254)485-8994 ccoxscents@gmail.com

Our Homemade handcrafted soaps, are made in Stephenville, Texas ,with milk from our sweet LaMancha goats.  We use our farm fresh honey, with olive & coconut oil, (sunflower when available), natural ingredients, herbs and essential oils.  These are Non Canola, or Soybean soaps!

* non coconut oil soap available on request.,